The InaSAFE ProjectΒΆ


The PacSAFE project is a response to demand from Pacific Island Countries for tools to better understand disaster impacts. The project will engage with representatives from national disaster management offices and related agencies who are involved in planning for, preparing for and responding to natural disasters. The PacSAFE software tool, initially developed by the Pacific Community (SPC), is a desktop tool based on QGIS and InaSAFE to interact with hazard and asset data, such as the Pacific Catastrophic Risk and Financing Initiative (PCRAFI) asset database. The PacSAFE project, funded by the Government of Australia, with technical support from Geoscience Australia, aims to provide the tools and capability to enhance the ability of disaster managers to make informed decisions for disaster response and to develop evidence-based policies for enhancing disaster resilience.


PacSAFE is supported by the Pacific Community and the Government of Australia